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Interdisciplinary Elective Course
KORE2033 Modern and contemporary Korea 6 credits
This course is designed to foster further knowledge about Korean society in the modern and contemporary era for students who took KORE1021. This is a topical course that adopts a multi-disciplinary approach to examine significant and complex issues in Korea in the 20th and 21st century. This course will primarily concentrate on cultural practices and political economy of Korean society and culture. Students will explore fictional and visual texts, scholarly materials in the disciplines of anthropology, sociology, cultural studies, history, film studies, women’s studies, and literary studies. This course also examines the social changes in Korea in transitional and global contexts: in relationship with Korea’s neighboring countries including China and Japan, and in relationship with the U.S.
Prerequisite: KORE1021. Introduction to Korean culture and society
Assessment:100 % coursework
(Not on offer in 2017/2018)
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