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2 Jul. 2019 Talk: A Casual Conversation with a Zen Master on Life Love Success Happiness and Meaning
5 Dec. 2018 Open Lecture: Is the North Korean Economy Improving under Kim Jeong Un’s Regime?
13 Apr. 2018 Workshop on Korean Studies: Transpacific Aspiration toward Modern Domesticity in Japanese Colonial-era Korea
1-2 Nov. 2017 HKU Korean film screening nights
26 Apr. 2017 Talk: A Korean-language Student from the Kumamoto Prefecture, 1895-1922: The Progress of Nakamura Kentarō, Protectorate Censor of Korean Newspapers
6 Apr. 2017 Korean Studies Lecture Series: Medicine as Moral Practice in Chosŏn Korea
22 Feb. 2017 SMLC Seminar: Divided Church, Reunified Nation: Christian Leadership in Discussing Reunification in South Korea
15 Feb. 2017 Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Tokyo: Summer Internship Programme 2017 (Korean Speaking)
3 Nov. 2016 Talk: South Korea's Democratic Transition: A Social Movement Perspective
2-3 Nov. 2016 HKU Korean film screening nights
29 Sep - 7 Oct 2016 Photo Exhibition: Democratic People’s Republic of Korea: Glimpses and Insights
20 Apr. 2016 Seminar: Art in Southeast Asia: Curatorial and Archival Projects
29 Jan.2016 Conference: Bridging Korea Old and New: Re-Periodizing the History of Korea for a Global Age
2-10 Dec. 2015 A Photo Exhibition: Everyday Life in North Korea
23 Oct. 2015 A Warm Family: Conversation with a poet Kim Hu-ran
24 Sep. 2015 SMLC Seminar: Global Talent: Foreign Students in Korea as Transnational Bridges
7 Aug. 2015 Workshop on Nation, Gender, and Genres: Literature and Film from Taiwan and Korea, 1930s~1960s
23 Apr. 2015 Korean Studies Lecture Series: Theorizing Colonial Cinematic Networks in East Asia
23 Apr. 2015 Talk: Protest Culture in Postcolonial South Korea: The Student Vanguard
22 Apr. 2015 SMLC Seminar: Intimate Empire
21 Apr. 2015 Talk: The Birth of the Yangban in Medieval Korea
20 Apr. 2015 Talk: “Christian Extraterritoriality”: Recasting Missionaries, Converts, and the State in Korea, 1907-1931
8 Oct. 2014 SMLC Seminarr: South Korea's Elusive Middlepowermanship in the US-South Korea-China Strategic Triangle
17 Sep. 2014 SMLC Seminar: Rethinking the Rise of Confucianism in Medieval Korea
3 Oct. 2013 Making Films My Way: In Conversation with Director Kang Je-gyu
28 Mar. 2013 Lecture: The Margins of Love in Contemporary Korean Cinema
27 Mar.2013 SMLC Seminar: Race, Ideology, and the Logistics of Perception: Cold War Optics in Asia
13 Mar. 2013 SMLC Seminar: Collecting social credit: Pop culture’s impact on cultural capital

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