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Capstone Exprience Course
KORE3022 Korean Studies independent research project (capstone experience) 6 credits
Students in this course pursue independent research and produce a research paper under the supervision of a teacher in Korean Studies. This course is designed to provide students with the opportunity to explore in depth a topic of interest to them in relation to Korea’s development and position in the world. It can either adopt a single disciplinary methodology or a multidisciplinary problem-oriented perspective. Students undertaking the course will negotiate the topic in conjunction with the program coordinator to determine its feasibility and ensure academic rigor. Schedule of individual meetings with the supervisor on the first week of the semester, and the number of the meeting will be minimum. Students will be encouraged to engage with original texts written in Korean, although the class will be conducted in English and assignments should be written in English.
Prerequisite: KORE2033 Modern and contemporary Korea or KORE2034 Gender, sexuality, and family in Korea or KORE2035 Society and thoughts in Korea or KORE3032 Directed readings in Korean Studies
Assessment:100 % coursework
(Offered in 2017/2018, 2nd semester)
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