The KOREAN STUDIES PROGRAMME provides a multi-faceted and interdisciplinary approach to the study of Korean language and culture. Major and Minor students in the Programme not only study the Korean language, but also learn about the country’s history, culture, and society, and will develop a comprehensive understanding of Korea in a global context.

Major and Minor: HKU is the only UGC-funded tertiary institution in Hong Kong where students can major in Korean Studies.

Postgraduate: HKU is the only institution in Hong Kong that offers PhD and MPhil degrees in Korean Studies.

All language courses are taught by native speakers of Korean. Instruction is always interactive, and student participation is highly encouraged. At the introductory level, no previous knowledge of Korean is required. Korean Studies courses focus on various aspects of Korean society and culture within the interdisciplinary framework of Area Studies, encouraging students to be able to discuss matters relating to Korea in a critical and analytical fashion.

The University of Hong Kong Faculty of Arts School of Modern Languages and Cultures