Ms. Kangsoon LEE 이강순

Kansoon LeeCo‐ordinator (Korean Language)
Senior Lecturer


I joined the University of Hong Kong in 2009. Prior to joining the School of Modern Languages and Cultures, I taught Korean as a foreign language at several institutions in Korea – Korean Language and Culture Center, Korea University, Ewha Womans University and Ganada Korean Language Institute since 2000.

Nowadays my research interest focuses on the instructed second language acquisition, interactions between input and output in the SLA and Korean inter-language aspects from Chinese/Cantonese native speaker learning Korean language.

M.A. Teaching Korean as a foreign Language in Korean Studies, Ewha Womans University, Korea
B.B.A. Business Administration, Sogang University, Korea

Korean Language Teacher’s Certificate (Level 1), Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Republic of Korea

Courses Taught at SMLC
KORE1001 Korean I.1
KORE1002 Korean I.2
KORE2001 Korean II.1
KORE2002 Korean II.2
KORE2021 Korean reading course
KORE2024 Advanced Korean Studies 1 (co-teaching with Ewha Womans University)
KORE3001 Korean III.1
KORE3002 Korean III.2
KORE3023 Korean writing 2
KORE3024 English-Korean translation 1: Practical skills
KORE3119 Overseas immersion language course – Korean
KORE4003 Contemporary Korean Society
KORE4005 Advanced readings in Korean
KORE4007 Advanced Korean individual project (capstone experience)

Tel. (852) 3917 2025
Office: 5.40 Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus, HKU